The walk up to the green to find your ball that appeared to be tracking towards the hole, but you’re not quite sure, can be a little unnerving. Check out 9yr old BGC Cadet and academy student, Reuben Read as he takes this exact walk, only to find his ball in the bottom of the cup, for an albatross on the Par 5, 2nd hole at Bayview.

Our forward tees for boys 9’s on the 2nd hole is 230m from the green. Reuben split the fairway with a 130m drive, then struck a solid #4 hybrid just clearing the bunker on the left to track it’s way into the hole. Thankfully for Reuben, fellow cadet member, Gustav and his father Gunter were there to celebrate this most rarest of accomplishments, along with Reuben’s father, Darren.

Darren, an A-Grade golfer himself and BGC Member, was feeling just a little deflated after announcing Reuben’s exceptional feat to his wife, who replied…”What’s that?”

Watch Reuben Here


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