Founder/Head Coach - Leon Faulkner (PGA/Master Kids Coach)
Leon is Founder/Director of Golf Rocks Kids Academy. Leon is a Certified Full Member of the P.G.A. of Australia, advanced in Game Development. He has 20 years of junior coaching experience and is a father of three.
Leon first picked up a club at age 11 and quickly developed a strong passion for golf. His passion for teaching was evident immediately and he turned professional at age 24.

Leon is a "Game-Coach". Placing an emphasis on teaching children to love the game first, before learning how it's played. Leon has earned the distinction of Master Kids Coach by winning the Top 50 Kids Coach Award three times. Being named a Master Kids Coach is the highest honour an instructor can receive from world leaders in junior golf, U.S. Kids Golf, Atlanta Georgia.

Leon's accolades include being a U.S. Kids Golf Level 2 Certified Coach and Double-Goal Coach through Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

Leon is U.S. Kids Golf Local Tour Director for Sydney. Click here

Working with children check number: WWC0521849E.

Get Your Kids Into Golf By Golf Rocks Founder and Kids Coach, Leon Faulkner

Academy Coach - Jack Glasson
Jack is currently in his 3rd year as a PGA Trainee at Bayview Golf Club. First swinging a club at age 8, the passion for the game developed fast, resulting in Jack playing off a single figure handicap by the age of 13. Representing in both Pennant sides and State Squads, Jack's friendly manner and skills for the game make him an admired role model amongst academy students.

"I love teaching kids the game of golf as i truly believe from personal experience that it can not only be a fun lifelong hobby, but can also teach core life values of respect, honesty and friendship.

Jack is a U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach.

Working with children check number: WWC1888469E.
Academy Coach - Harry Hartman (Full Member P.G.A of Australia)
Harry started playing at age 13 in his home town of Port Macquarie. Harry's achievements as a player include winning the Club Championship at South West Rocks Golf Club and obtaining full scholarship through Golf NSW. Harry has over 5 years of junior coaching experience, including teaching inside local Primary Schools.

"I enjoy helping grow the game and giving back. We can plant-the-seed earlier than ever these days with hopes of generating a life long passion".

Working with children check number: WWC1772632E.
Academy Coach - Louise Smith
Louise is a member of Bayview Golf Club playing off a 6 handicap. Now 17yrs of age, Louise first picked up a club at age 8. Louise enjoys the social aspect of golf along with the challenging nature of the game. Her skills have seen her represent Bayview GC in numerous competitions including Encourage Shield and Pennants. Louise loves coaching juniors and believes the most important element is powering the FUN factor to maintain interest and achieve progression.

Louise is a U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach.

Academy Coach - Lachie Rubin
Lachie is a member of Bayview Golf Club playing off a 17 handicap. Now 14yrs of age, Lachie first picked up a club at age 7. As a young player himself, Lachie has a great connection with the kids, particularly once they see him hit his driver 260m down the fairway! Lachie enjoys instilling good form and fundamentals amongst the kids to establish a solid foundation and continued progression.