Our Vision

The right coach will pave the way for a lifetime of fun and play.

Kids love golf. However, for many years the sport of golf doesn't make the list when parents and their kids are preparing for the school term.

Our objective is to get golf onto that list and show the many life skills their youngster will learn through learning golf in our academy. Through FUN, game-based learning with incentives, we show your child that GOLF really does ROCK! It's a sport they can play together as individuals or as a team.

Our expert kids coaches have delivered well over 20,000 junior classes and lessons. Golf is a ten to twenty year development sport, our coaches know exactly how to 'spark the fire' and help you as the parent nurture your child's interest as it develops into a long lasting passion.

We believe, the right coach will pave the way for a lifetime of fun and play.

We're here to demonstrate that a child no longer has to wait till the age of twelve, we're here for the grandfathers and grandmother's that would like nothing more than to play golf with their grandkids, we're here for the child that loves the outdoors and would love nothing more than to beat mum and dad fair and square on the golf course, we're here to teach your child, a game for life!

Get Your Kids Into Golf By Golf Rocks Founder and Coach, Leon Faulkner

Facilities include:

18 hole Par 72 Championship course

Multiple Practice Putting Greens

Multiple Practice Chipping/Pitching Greens

Bunker Practice

Par 3 Hole

Professional Shop