Our Program

Our Player Pathway Program is designed by world leaders in junior golf, U.S. Kids Golf. The program provides young players with a clear path to learning the game while having fun.

A structured curriculum consisting of 10 levels that cover, Putting; Around the Green; Full Swing; Knowledge and Scoring. Each player is given their Learning Book, providing all content within that level and allowing student, parent and coach the same point of reference.

Each level is progressively more challenging and includes, form & skills, rules, etiquette & sportsmanship and scoring ability tests. Achievement Pins are awarded, increasing motivation and engagement.

Players that have completed Level 5 are halfway through the program and receive the Gold Star Player Award.

Players completing Levels 1-3 are considered Beginners, Players completing Levels 4-5 are transitioning into 9 hole scoring and considered Intermediate. Players completing Levels 6-10 are becoming advanced and elite golfers, competent in tournament play.

If the clubs don't fit, they may just quit! How we club-fit your young player.

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